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Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Wreath!

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Can you believe we’re already half way through January!? That means we have our eyes (and our sweet tooth) focused on one of our favorite days of the year: Valentine’s Day! It’s a special time of year when we are surrounded by sweet reminders of the love we have for one another.  Kids especially love jumping in on the fun of both decorating and sharing sweet gifts with their friends and family. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s a very quick and fun craft for you and your kids to have fun with in order to decorate your house for this wonderful loving season! Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

  • Regular white squeeze glue
  • Heavy duty card stock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Two circular objects for tracing the inner and outer rings of the wreath (ex. the lid of a peanut butter jar)
  • Your ribbon of choice
  • Sweethearts 



  1. Trace around the two circular objects on the heavy duty card stock, one circle inside the other, creating the wreath ring shape.
  2. Cut out the wreath. If your card stock is not sturdy, you can opt to trace a second wreath ring and glue the two together.
  3. Line up the Sweethearts before you begin gluing them to ensure a more organized fit and distribution of colors.
  4. Using the squeeze white glue, glue the Sweethearts onto the wreath one by one. Press them firmly down onto the card stock and hold for several seconds to ensure they stick.
  5. Let dry completely or else the Sweethearts will either shift or begin to fall off when applying the ribbon.
  6. Cut the ribbon of your choice to your desired length. Wrap it around one section of the wreath for sturdiness in hanging. Tie a knot at the top and hang your beautiful Valentine’s Day creation! =)

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NECCO Wafer Pumpkins and Mummys!


Halloween is a magical holiday for the little ones. It captivates their imagination and is filled with exciting activities and of course, candy. In celebration of this spooky season, we’ve created a quick fun craft that your kids will love using our most classic sweet: NECCO Wafers!

Grab a few supplies and get to making these cute little pumpkins and ghosts that your kids will love to hide in all corners of the house to scare and surprise everyone!

Supplies Needed:

  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • White construction or printer paper 8″x11″
  • Orange construction paper 8″x11″
  • Jr. NECCO Wafers (Make sure they’re Jr. sized, not full-sized. The smaller they are the more pumpkin & ghost-like they look!)

Craft Supplies


  1. Take one Jr. NECCO Wafer roll and size it length-wise on the orange construction paper.  Leave at least ¾” additional paper for the top of the pumpkin.
  2. Cut the orange construction paper into a strip at the marked length in step 1. Cut as many strips as pumpkins that you’d like to make.
  3. Wrap the strip of orange construction paper around the Jr. NECCO Wafer roll and cut it so that it closes neatly with only a small overlap.
  4. Line up the paper so that one edge meets the edge of the roll. You will want the overhang on one end only so as to to twist and make your pumpkin top.
  5. Glue the orange strip to the Jr. NECCO Wafer roll using the glue stick. Glue the end of the strip to itself at the overlap to make sure it stays secure.
  6. Twist the overhang into a pumpkin top. (Freestyle!)
  7. Draw on your silly jack-0-lantern face!
  8. Cut the white paper into long thin strips about ½” thick. These will be your Mummy wrappings. Cut as many as you’d like. Each Mummy should only require one strip.
  9. Place glue on one end of the strip and secure to the bottom edge of the Jr. NECCO Wafer roll. Wrap the strip around the roll in an uneven fashion, aiming to look like a Mummy’s wraps.
  10. Glue the other end of the strip to the roll. It does not need to be glued throughout as the moving loose strip in the middle makes it more Mummy-like!
  11. Draw on your best eery Mummy face!
  12. Get to spookin’! =)


Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Frame!


The season of love is upon us, and many of us are searching around for craft ideas which will help spread the loving spirit. Today we bring to you a quick DIY project that both you and your little ones will love, using our legendary Sweethearts candies! This craft is quick, easy and inexpensive to create! With a few supplies, you’ll be able to add a Sweet touch to your home for the Valentine’s Day season!

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear gel glue
  • Sturdy 8”x11” picture frame with removable back
  • Colored construction paper 8”x11” (optional)
  • Sweethearts ®



  1. Remove the back of the picture frame and place aside. You can choose to reapply it later if you wish.
  2. Flip the picture frame so that the open back is facing upwards and the glass is exposed. It is often best to wipe the glass free of dust prior to gluing!
  3. Take your Sweethearts and place them in tight lines, forming your heart shape. Make sure the text side of each candy is also facing upward. This step helps you keep your shape and spacing even throughout the gluing process.
  4. Place a small drop of glue on the plain side of the Sweetheart. (Glue will cause the print to run, so it is best if the plain side is used.)
  5. Carefully push the Sweetheart onto the glass and hold firmly for 5-10 seconds.  Try not to move the candy around on the glass. However, it is okay if the glue spreads a little as it will dry clear and unnoticeable.
  6. Repeat Step 4 & 5 for each Sweetheart you have lined up in the heart formation.
  7. You can replace the back with colored construction paper or simply opt to hang it with no back and have the paint on your wall show through.
  8. Enjoy your holiday décor!



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NECCO Wafer Spider Web

We hope you’re not afraid of spiders! Here’s yet another awesome NECCO Wafer Halloween decoration that will be so much fun to add to your celebration! With a few easy steps with barely any supplies, you’ll be on your way to a truly creepy creation that will be sure to freak out some of your guests! =)

Supplies Needed:

  • construction paper – any color you’d desire your web to be
  • black construction paper – for the spider legs
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • black permanent marker
  • NECCO Wafers – licorice (black) or other flavors depending on what color spiders you’d desire! =)


Take a piece of construction paper of any color you’d like and fold over one corner diagonally so that it lines up perfectly with the side. You will have about 2.5″ of excess at the bottom. Note: be sure to create a hard, crisp crease. It will help later during the cutting stage.

Cut off the excess.

Fold this triangle in half, splitting the right angle in half. Create another hard, crisp crease along this fold as well.

Turn the paper so that the top point seen above is pointing downward. Fold the right half section inward and then follow it by folding the left half section over the right section. Again create sharp creases as it will help later with cutting. Note: this is the most difficult step and make take a few tries to fold evenly into 3 sections.

Cut straight across at the top, removing the two exposed folded corners at the top. This will result in a triangle.

Cut the top edge of this triangle in a groove like manner. This will create the spikey outer edges of your spider web.

Cutting ONLY FROM THE RIGHT SIDE (this is important), cut strips using an every other pattern. Cut to the left, leaving enough paper that will allow for the spider web’s seams. You can cut as many as strips out as you’d like!

Slowly begin to unfold it. If folded and cut correctly, you will see seams like this indicating that you did not cut any of the grooves completely off.

Unfold the web carefully so not to tear it. You can leave it under a heavy object for a short period of time to flatten it out more completely.

To make the spiders, simply take licorice (black) NECCO Wafers and using a black permanent marker draw two dots for the eyes. Then using black construction paper cut out 8 legs of varying bends and lengths. You can then glue or tape these to the back side of the NECCO Wafer. Tape these completed spiders onto the web, and you are finished!

Enjoy your spooky gathering! =)

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NECCO Wafer Halloween Coasters

If you’re brave enough to host a Halloween party at your house, you know you must be prepared to deal with some of the messy consequences! We realize this and want to give you a fun, quick DIY project that will give you some added festive decor while also preventing some of the messy chaos that will surely ensue.

Today we show you how to whip up some NECCO Wafers coasters!! This simple craft will add a pop of Halloween color to your tables and help keep guests from leaving those dreaded rings on the coffee table! In no time you’ll have enough coasters to fill your living room for your spooky party and the possibility of creating more coasters with new colors as the seasons change!

Supplies Needed:

  • scissors
  • white (or black) card stock paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • heavy duty glue stick/glue bottle
  • extra decorative items like glitter
  • Orange and Licorice (black) NECCO Wafers
    16 per coaster (8 orange, 8 Licorice [black])


  1. Use the ruler to measure out a 4″ x 4″ square on the card stock paper.
  2. Cut out as many of these squares as you will be making coasters of. Note: the 4″ x 4″ is slightly larger than the space the NECCO Wafers will cover.
  3. Using the glue stick cover the card stock square. It is easiest to usually do this row by row as you place the NECCO Wafers so the glue does not dry too quickly.
  4. Beginning at the corner edge, cover the flat back side of the NECCO Wafer with the glue and place 4 of them in alternating colors. You will want to glue them down so that the edges are touching one another as this will help to add stability to the coaster.
  5. Continue row by row alternating the starting color so you create a checkered pattern.
  6. Trim the excess card stock around the edges with the scissors as you see fit.
  7. You can stop here if you’re satisfied or continue on decorating to the limits of your creative imagination!
  8. A great idea would be to add additional glue in the gaps between the NECCO Wafers and then sprinkle a little glitter. You want to be careful to keep the layer of glitter to a minimum so it sticks and won’t fly off onto your guests if moved.
  9. Enjoy your spooky gathering!! =)




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