Personalize your Valentine’s Day with Custom Candy from!


Happy New Year everyone! We hope your holidays were filled with love, family, friends and many happy memories! With January comes one of our favorite times of year, Valentine’s Day! We just love to be a part of so many loving gifts and special celebrations with loved ones.

To help you commemorate such a loving and special season, we offer a custom candy service on our website! What better way to surprise your Sweetie than with personalized Sweethearts this Valentine’s Day that include your own special sayings!

To order custom candy from NECCO is a simple process; just follow these steps:

  1. Log onto and click on the personalized candy graphic.
  2. Select either Sweethearts or NECCO Wafers.
  3. Pick the three colors you would like to receive.
  4. Enter up to three phrases on your candy of choice.
  5. Select your quantity in either 1 or 5 pound increments and place your order!


Imagine your own creative phrase, your Sweetie’s name, a special date, or other important personal message on a Sweetheart! It’ll be a touching gift that shows your special someone how important they are to you! Be sure to get your order in on time and get ready for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your sweetie!


Make Mother’s Day personal with custom candy from!

Want to make this Mother’s Day extra special? Give your mom a sweet surprise this year with personalized candy at!


You can personalize both NECCO Wafers and Sweethearts with your own text! You can include your mom’s name, an expression of love & appreciation or a personal message that is commemorates your special relationship.


Skip the potted plants, the gift cards, the generic candles and the bottle of questionable perfume and get her something unique this year! Express your love and heartfelt appreciation with a personal gift that she will never forget! [And will enjoy indulging on too! ;-) ]


Personalized NECCO Candy for Unforgettable Favors!



As spring slowly makes its way here, many of us are excitedly planning (and attending) fun parties, showers, birthdays, weddings and other events. Many of us are looking for ways to make these occasions extra special for both us and our gracious guests.

At, you can personalize two of our most beloved classic candies: Sweethearts and NECCO Wafers! You can choose your own custom names, sayings, dates, and other phrases to appear on these candies!

Custom NECCO candy will be the perfect favor for any event and will add a sweet personal touch that will be hard to forget and will surely have your guests buzzing over how special this token was!


The process is just four easy steps:

  1. Select which type of candy you want: NECCO Wafers or Sweethearts.
  2. Select which colors you want. We provide you a flavor guide, so you know how your treats will taste!
  3. Include your personal message.
  4. Select your quantity and order!

If you’re DIY focused or simply want to create something unique and special for your event, be sure to head over to and place your order today to make it truly unforgettable!


Last Day for Valentine’s Day Personalized Sweethearts Orders!


Today, Thursday 1/31, marks the final day to get your order in for personalized Sweethearts or NECCO Wafers at in order for shipment in time for Valentine’s Day!


Ordering is quick and easy with four simple steps:

  1. Select your candy type (either Sweethearts or NECCO Wafers).
  2. Select the colors you want.
  3. Enter in your personalized message on the template.
  4. Select your quantity and place the order!

Imagine your phrase, name, date, or other personal message on a Sweetheart! It’ll be a touching gift that shows your special someone how important they are to you! Be sure to get your order in on time and get ready for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your sweetie!


Introducing and Personalized Candy!


NECCO is very excited to announce its newest venture: personalized candy!  Fans are now able to order NECCO Wafers and Sweethearts with custom sayings on them through our new online webstore: !

It’s perfect for weddings, graduations, baby showers, anniversaries or just an ordinary day when you want to show your loved ones how special they are.  It’s safe to say that with custom candy, your event will be truly unforgettable!


In four easy steps you can create your one-of-a-kind candies!
1. Select your candy type (either NECCO Wafers or Sweethearts)
2. Select the colors you want.
3. Enter in your personalized message on the template.
4. Select your quantity and place the order!

After that you will be waiting upon a sweet shipment with your custom phrases!

Here’s an example of what your special order will look like! We brought these recently to the Tucker Gala event with our friends at EMARC to support their great charitable work for our community!


The possibilities for you are endless! With custom NECCO candy, you are sure to make any occasion, from wedding showers to birthday parties to corporate events and everything in between, a whole lot sweeter! Turn heads and leave a lasting impression on your guests and surprise recipients as they will surely will be buzzing about the personal touch custom candy adds.

Log onto, place an order and get ready to create a special, personalized celebration that will surely be remembered for a long time to come!

Also, don’t be afraid to stock up on your favorite classic NECCO sweets like Clark Bar, Sky Bar and Candy Buttons while you’re on! Our sweets are waiting to get into the hands of our amazing fans!


EMARC Tucker Gala

Monday evening, NECCO had the pleasure of appearing as one of the select few vendors at EMARC’s  18th Annual Tucker Gala held at the lovely Peabody Marriot!  EMARC is a wonderful charity organization which provides programs and support to both people  with developmental disabilities and also their families. They strive to empower these individuals and help them build better lives.

We were extremely fortunate to have been invited to have a table right outside the ballroom at the event. Alongside many other local Massachusetts companies, we served treats to all of the wonderful attendees throughout the evening.

We brought a mix of our many candies, from Sky Bar to Slap Stix to NECCO Wafers and most everything in between! Throughout the night, the guests shared wonderful stories about their lifetime experiences with NECCO candies. It was a pleasure to be greeted frequently with bright smiles and happy memories!

While we reminded guests that we  proudly still make all of their childhood favorites like Mary Janes and Candy Buttons, we also took this time to introduce some new NECCO initiatives!

To satisfy each attendee’s sweet tooth, we brought along one of our newest candies: Tropical NECCO Wafers. It was so great to see the excitement that the not-yet-released candy created as guests reacted to the bold, fruity flavors. We even had several repeat customers come back to our table for a second [and third ;-) ] sample! We cannot wait for all of our fans to get to try them soon!

In addition to our Tropical NECCO Wafers, we also brought along some samples of our classic assorted NECCO Wafers and Sweethearts… but with a catch. =) These particular candies had some extra special text printed on them, such as “Tucker Gala” and “Emarc,” to display our newest venture: customized candies!!  In one week, on November 12th, we will be launching a new web-store exclusively for customizing NECCO Wafers and Sweethearts with both print and some imagery: a perfect gift for so many occasions. More info will be released soon; we are very excited!

Again, we were so happy to participate in EMARC’s Tucker Gala, a time honored tradition which benefits such a wonderful organization that positively impacts our community through its hard work and caring initiatives. We are fortunate to have a relationship with this organization, and we are looking forward to the future!