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NECCO Store Opening to Benefit Revere Tornado Relief Fund!




In late July an EF2 tornado ripped through our hometown city of Revere, MA, devastating a large number of businesses and residences. As the likelihood of a tornado hitting our city by the ocean is exceptionally unlikely, many private insurances will not provide complete relief for individuals and businesses who suffered great losses. Total estimated damage is estimated in the millions. Due to the extensive damage caused by the tornado, NECCO will have a special limited opening of the candy store at our headquarters. Proceeds from sales at the store will go to benefit the city’s Revere Tornado Relief Fund. We have been very thankful to have been located in Revere for the past decade and hope to be able to help shoulder the burden that our beloved community is facing as it looks to recover and rebuild.

DATES:           Monday August 18th – Friday August 22nd

LOCATION:           NECCO Headquarters
135 American Legion Highway, Revere, MA

TIME:                        Daily, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

If you’re in the area, please stop by to stock up on all your NECCO favorites and help support the Revere community in their recovery. We hope to see you next week! =)


2 thoughts on “NECCO Store Opening to Benefit Revere Tornado Relief Fund!

  1. I used to buy tri-chocolate Necco Wafers in Upstate NY and have searched for them since to no avail. Are these available for purchase in Florida (via the internet or in stores)? As I remember it, the 3 flavors were White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Mocha (but I could have that wrong).

    • Hi Kevin, you are correct that there used to be a multi-flavored Chocolate NECCO Wafers rolls. However, that was offered only during the limited time when NECCO Wafers had an all-natural recipe. It has since been changed back to the original mix that has been a classic for many years, so unfortunately any multi-flavored Chocolate NECCO Wafer rolls are no longer available. Thank you for your message.

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